Desmond P. Hogan

Ph.D, Yale University, 2005. He joined the department in 2004. Interests include Kant, Leibniz and German rationalism, early modern philosophy, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of religion. Work includes, ‘Handedness, Idealism and Freedom,’ Philosophical Review 130 (2021); ‘Noumenal Affection,’ Philosophical Review 118 (2009); ‘Three Kinds of Rationalism and the non-Spatiality of Things in Themselves,’ Journal of the History of Philosophy 47 (2009); ‘How to Know Unknowable Things in Themselves,’ Noûs 43 (2009); ‘Kant's Copernican Turn and the Rationalist Tradition,’ Paul Guyer (ed.) Cambridge Companion to the Critique of Pure Reason, Cambridge University Press 2010; ‘Metaphysical Motives of Kant's Analytic-Synthetic Distinction,’ Journal of the History of Philosophy 51 (2013); 'Kant on Foreknowledge of Contingent Truths,' Res Philosophica 91 (1) (2014). ‘Kant and the Character of Mathematical Inference,’ in Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics, Carl Posy and Ofra Rechter (eds.), Cambridge University Press 2020; ‘Kant's Theory of Divine and Secondary Causation,’ in Brandon Look (ed.) Leibniz and Kant, Oxford University Press 2021; ‘Schopenhauer’s Transcendental Aesthetic,’ in Kant’s Metaphysics, Karl Schafer and Nick Stang (eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming)